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In order for your engine to lessen automotive emission but still be capable of maximizing your vehicle’s performance, it relies heavily on the vehicle’s fuel system. At the first sign of any vehicular problem, you should have your car or truck checked at our auto repair and service shop. 

The fuel pump works in a way that it functions to transport fuel from the fuel tank, through a fuel filter where a cleaning process often occurs, and then to the fuel injectors. This is also controlled by a pressure regulator which is mainly responsible for the adaptability of the engine’s fuel pressure in different speeds and varying vehicle loads. A set fuel volume is regularly sprayed into the engine’s cylinders to conduct and promote the start-up ignition that is required to start and run a vehicle. Newer modernized car models have now adapted a system that is referred to as the return line system which allows the recirculation of any unused fuel back into the fuel system by rerouting it back into the fuel tank.

There are are many different reasons why a the fuel system should be repaired or serviced. Among these factors that contribute to the vehicle’s wear and tear are the regularity of maintenance and service checks, your area’s driving conditions, fuel quality, vehicle mileage, and how old the vehicle is. A few things that will tell you that you need to check on the car’s fuel system include having significantly fewer miles per liter or lowered gas mileage, problems with the car starting up, or the lighting up of the “check engine” dashboard icon. 

We are recognized as one of the best in the service and repair of automotive fuel systems in Fort Lauderdale. Experts and certifiably trained mechanics that specialize in troubleshooting problems with vehicular fuel systems and other services like power steering repair, brake repair, diesel mechanic and the likes . Our aim is to get you driving your vehicle in top condition at the soonest time if you need any repairs. Our services also include the testing of fuel injectors, cleaning and removal of fuel tanks, installation of fuel filters and pumps, and many other services that will cater to any of your fuel system needs. No matter what you need, you can always bring your vehicle to our auto repair to avail of our wide range of fuel system services and repairs. 

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Few Information About Fuel Pump

What Is A Fuel Pump?

The main role of the fuel pump in a fuel system is to pump pressurize fuel, in the form of gasoline, into the fuel injectors of a car engine. This pump is often ran by an electric motor that you will be able to find in the fuel tank, and is also regulated by a fuel regulator that controls pressure and the volume of fuel output. 

Fuel Pump Replacement

An OEM Fuel pump of great quality has an indefinite lifespan. Unfortunately, regular wear and tear will eventually make even the best quality fuel pump dysfunctional over time. A fuel pump that is incapable of supplying fuel at a regulated pressure, much less one that is no longer functioning, should be replaced. There are different ways to tell when a replacement is necessary:

Failed car starts are a sign that the fuel pump is no longer capable of spraying in the required fuel at a required pressure to start the car. 

Dashboard Check Engine Signal shows that there is a dysfunctioning fuel pump in operation. 

Noise from the Fuel Tank that is often similar to a whirring or a humming sound that can be sourced to come from the back of the vehicle. 

Fuel Pump Replacement Procedure

The following steps are followed by expert mechanics when they replace a fuel pump:

Checking for fuel pump dysfunctionality 

Fuel pump removal from the tank via passenger compartment access panel.

For vehicles with no easy access panel, the vehicle is lifted and the fuel tank is brought down to provide a better view and access of the faulty fuel pump.

Removal of the things connected to the fuel pump, such as the hoses for supply and return, EVAP system hoses, and all electrical connections.

Fuel systems that have an in-line filter incorporated into them will also require replacement of this filter. 

Installation of the new pump. Brackets and pick-up screens may be reused.

Placing fuel into the vehicle and conducting a check on the engine by running the car.

Whatever car care services you need Brake Repair Fort Lauderdale,  FL is here to help you! Aside from fuel pump repair we can do starter replacement, wheel bearing replacement, auto electric repair and many more!

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Safety Concerns

While a faulty fuel pump is often times not a major safety hazard, it is one of the major causes of vehicle engine overheating and a catalytic converter. This may cause the car to stop abruptly in the middle of the road and leave the driver and passengers stranded. However, a faulty fuel pump will usually cause a car to fail to start. It becomes hazardous when the broken part also causes gas or vapor leaks. In this case, the driver should refrain from starting or operating the vehicle and, instead,  have it checked. 


Things to Remember:

Before replacing a fuel pump, it is necessary to make sure that the problem is with the pump and not with another part of the fuel system or engine. The mechanic is able to do this by directly powering the fuel pump. 

A new fuel filter should always be placed when a fuel pump replacement is done. The only exception to this rule is when the filter had just been replaced.

It is important to check the fuel pump power supply for faults in case a drop in the voltage may have caused heating up of the engine.

Vehicles that require that the fuel tank be brought down in order to access the fuel pump will also need to have checks on the durability and quality of the straps and fasteners to the fuel tank. If necessary, these should also be replaced.

One way to maximize and increase the longevity of a new fuel pump, maintaining at least ¼ of a full tank of gas will help cool and lubricate the pump consistently.

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